An autonomous car caused a fatal accident

Uber has halted testing of autonomous cars after one of its vehicles struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona. A driver was present in the car, however, he was using autopilot. This is likely the first fatal hit-and-run using these technologies.

The incident occurred while a 49-year-old woman was carrying a bicycle across the roadway. However, she did not take advantage of the marked pedestrian crossing. The car hit heród Volvo SUV operating in autonomous mode, but as required, under driver supervision. The woman died in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

Caród at the time of the incident had a speed of 64 kilometersów per hour. Witnesses say the vehicle did not slow down when approaching the woman. The incident occurred at night. The driver, whoóry was supposed to control the vehicle was sober. Police are investigating the case.

Uber has halted testing of all its vehicles in response to the accidentóIn autonomous on public roads in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix. „We join in bólu with the victim’s family. Fully wspóWe are working with the local authorities, whoóre investigating the incident” – admitted the company in a statement.

Although the technology is getting safer and continues to be developed, a fatal hit-and-run was not avoided. The debate over the safety of autonomous vehiclesów heated up back in 2016, when the caród using the algorithmów drove into an intersection at a red light.

The same year saw the first fatal accident involving an autonomous vehicle. Selfód brand Tesla drove into another vehicle with a trailer that was passing across the road. It was on the trailer that all the blame fell. It is likely that the Model S’s algorithm interpreted the trailer’s bright colors as sky and did not brake. The 40-year-old driver died on the spot. The incident resulted in a number of changes to the autopilots of such a vehicleów.

Companies such as Alphabet, General Motors, Uber and Baidu have been investing heavily in autonomous vehicle technology for yearsów. It could revolutionize the automotive market, transportation and sposób city functioning. Whoever is first to commercialize this space will be in a privileged position. Fatal accident involving pedestrian may opóTo test and put this technology into use.

Less than a month ago, California authorities were the first to allow testing on public roads of carsóIn autonomous driverless. Previously, this state’s law allowed testing only with a trained driver, whoóry was ready to take control of the vehicle, in case of unpredictable behavior of the car. Read more in the text: autonomous driverless vehicles will take to the streets in California.

Technology vehicleóin autonomous is presented as a safe solution. The cars are saturated with technology. Depending on the car model, these vehicles have many róA sensor of some kindów. The situation on the road is observed by cameras and radars. The wheels house speed sensors, adjusting the speed to the prevailing conditionsów. Traffic signs, or the color of traffic lights „read” is by cameras. GPS is responsible for getting to the destination smoothly. The latest innovation in this segment is the lack of… steering wheels. Despite increasingly new technological developments, accidents still occurów involving the vehicleóin autonomous.