Explosion during testing of manned Dragon capsule

An explosion occurred during Saturday’s texts of the manned version of the Dragon capsule designed by SpaceX. Experts from NASA and SpaceX determine the causes of the failure. No one was hurt in the incident.

During the testóat Cape Canaveral checked the operation of the engineów, whichóre enable maneuvering the capsule and the engineóin SuperDraco rockets that are activated when a rocket fails and serve as a rescue system. It is currently unknown what caused the explosion. This is being determined by experts from NASA and SpaceX.

„NASA and SpaceX teams are evaluating the anomaly, whichóra took place during the SuperDraco test at SpaceX Landing Zone 1 in Florida. We will find out what caused it, make the necessary changes and continue with our commercial partner the flight programóin manned” – NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine wrote on Twitter.

The same Dragon capsule took part in the tests, któwhich in early March successfully underwent a test flight to the International Space Station and returnedóreturned to Earth. The success of the test flight opened the way for a manned mission of the SpaceX vehicle, która was planned for the end of July this year. However, this explosion is likely to change the schedule.

„SpaceX has conducted a series of testóin the engine on the Crew Dragon test vehicle at our test site in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The initial tests were successful, but anomalies occurred during the final test. Ensuring that our systems meet stringent safety standards and detecting such anomalies before flight is a headóThe reasons for whichórych we are constantly testing our equipment. Our teams are investigating the causes and closely cooperatingóThey are working with NASA partners” – SpaceX officials admitted in a statement.

Since the cancellation of the flight programóin space shuttlesóin 2011, U.S. astronauts use Russian Soyuz rockets to reach the International Space Station. This service is not among the cheapest. Each seat of the three-seat Soyuz costs about 80 millionóin the dollarów.

Witnesses to the incident mótie about clouds of smoke visible from afar. Dragon capsule completely destroyed.

The Crew Dragon or Dragon 2 capsule is quite different from the Dragon capsules used by SpaceX in cargo flights. In addition to the obvious changes, such as the installation of seats and a window, Crew Dragon has many advanced systemóin safety. It has a primarily rescue system, whichóry allows the capsule to be detached from the launcher and safely wrócic to Earth. Crew Dragon also docks directly from the ISS, while its older, transportable cousin is first grabbed by the huge robotic arm of the orbiting space station.