What are the benefits of visiting a speech therapist?

A speech therapist is a specialist who deals with correct pronunciation. It is designed to help eliminate speech defects in both children and adults. But what exactly do speech therapists do, and what are the benefits of correcting incorrect articulation of sounds?

The most common pronunciation defects

There are many róThe different kinds ofóin malpronunciation, spośród któof which the most common is rotacism (difficulty in pronouncing the vowel "r") and interdental seplenia. Also quite common is the abnormality of unvoiced sounds (e.g. switching "w" at "f", "b" at "p"). Speech defects most often appear in childhood, and it is during this period that they are easiest to eliminate. However, it happens that incorrect pronunciation also affects peopleób adults, whichóre did not undertake therapy in a timely manner.

Very often speech defects are the result of reduced organ skillsóin articulatory muscles (the circular muscle of the lips, tongue, palate, cheeks). This problem happens in many children, as a result of which there is no verticalization of the tongue, która is necessary for the articulation of 70 percent of the. voiced. For example, rotacism is due to the fact that the tongue is unable to enter the characteristic vibrations necessary for the correct pronunciation of a voice "r". Importantly, each pronunciation defect is due to other abnormalities in the position of the tongue, so it should be "gymnastic". Somewhat less frequently, incorrect pronunciation is influenced, for example, by the following. The improper structure of the apparatus e.g. cleft palate, lack of pharyngeal uvula, overgrown tongue.

More information about the impact of the structure of the organóin articulation on correct pronunciation read on the website of a speech therapist from Lodz www.speech therapist-lodz.eu in the appropriate category on the blog.

The impact of pronunciation defects on the psyche

Individuals whoóre have never struggled with a speech defect certainly don’t realize how much of an impact correct articulation of sounds has on quality of life. Children, in whomórychóvillagers notice a speech defect, often have lowered self-confidence and refuse to read in public. Pronunciation problems have róalso has a direct impact on interpersonal relations. ZaróBoth a child and an adult with a speech defect may feel different from róvillagerów and pushed away by society.

Acceptance of one’s difference in many cases is impossible. Mental state is greatly influenced by róalso the fact that the treatment of speech defects in adults is often very difficult, and it is sometimes impossible to get rid of the defect completely. In the long run, incorrect pronunciation and all the social consequences associated with it can lead to the development of psychological disorders, such as depression, for example, and permanently reduce confidence in interpersonal relations.

Adult at the speech therapist

While it may not be possible to completely cure an adult’s speech defect, improving tongue dexterity and proper tongue placement can make pronunciation improve. In addition, speech therapy exercises improve diction and make speech much clearer. Thus, a good speech therapist will make the speech defect much less noticeable and reduce its impact on the patient’s life.

The important thing is to start treatment as early as possible and frequently perform the recommended exercises yourself. The above-mentioned difficulties in curing the abnormal pronunciation do not happen repeatedly, and usually with the right exercises and systematic work, the speech defect completely disappears. However, this will not happen overnight – the process takes many months, if not years. Sometimes additional treatment is needed to improve pronunciation, such as wyróbite correction with braces or sublingual frenum undercutting.

Who benefits from the help of a speech therapist?

All people whoóre due to age hesitate to start speech therapy treatment should know that its services are used not only by people suffering from speech defects. Often actors, singers and other media people come to a speech therapist, które want to improve their diction and clarity of speech. Thanks to practical indicationsóIt is possible to quickly achieve noticeable effects with the help of exercisesów. So don’t assume that only children visit speech therapists.

Of course, there are also speech therapists, któers receive only children. So, before meeting with a speech therapist, it is worth making sure that he or she offers services róThe speech therapist should not be assumed to be visited only by childrenób adults. Fortunately, the vast majority of speech therapistsów is comprehensive in this regard and helps those in rós age. Therefore, you should not hesitate and go to this specialist as soon as possible if you are struggling with a speech defect or improper diction.